When this blog was started in 2013, I had the intentions of keeping my friends and family in the loop of my study abroad adventures.

Now, almost 5 years later, this often neglected domain is being revisited and repurposed into a blog that will voice my perspective as a new parent, former cultural commentator, and freelance photographer on hiatus.

As of now, we are coming out of our fourth night at the hospital on our first visit to the hospital postpartum for Junior. It’s scary and heartbreaking seeing your child in pain. It makes you reflect on everything that’s given you joy and brought you sorrow or regret.

I want to do better for him. He motivates me to be better for myself, so that I can provide emotional and mental sustenance for him and his father. He teaches me to not center my actions and motivations on myself, but on the betterment of his wellbeing.

I began fixing my blog last night and Writer by TI came on my Pandora and I am brought back to encouraging times in my undergraduate career where people I looked up to advised me to write and maintain my interest in photography.

I am working to unlearn old habits that don’t serve me anymore.

To stop being unnecessarily extra. & Learning that I am enough.

Pacing myself and understanding my capabilities.

Reaping the cathartic benefits of writing and allowing my thoughts to be seen.

Being vulnerable does not lead to failure.


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