How to Wash Bottles (& Other Assorted Baby Items)

Here’s a story for the ages: I didn’t know I had to wash bottles.

No, seriously 4 days postpartum, delirious and fresh out of the hospital, I boiled bottles after swishing them around in soapy water. *palm face*

5 months into it, the routine below is  what works for me. Just in case there are new parents, like me, that just don’t know what the heck is going on. Here is a bottle cleaning routine to adapt to your needs!

I’ve put together intel from moms around me and readings on how to store breast milk.

  1. Fill pot that will accommodate the load you are washing. Turn the fire/heat on high.
  2. Spray the sink and where the drying rack will be placed with bleach. (if wet, dry area before applying bleach)
  3. Wait 5 minutes to allow the area to be sanitized.
  4. Use clean paper towels wipe the area clean.
  5. Rinse off sink to remove bleach residue. The counter is ok because the drying rack is between your baby’s stuff and the surface.
  6. Wash collars, bottles, outside of pump flanges, teething toy, spoons, etc. with bottle brush and warm soapy water.
  7. Wash nipples, inside of pump flanges, pump flange membranes and syringes with the nipple brush and warm warm soapy water.
  8. Rinse off all soap.
  9. Once the water in the pot has reached a rolling boil, turn the fire off.
  10. Place the washed items into the pot.
  11. Let sit for 5 minutes. (I usually go and brush my teeth)
  12. Remove from water with tongs and place on drying rack.
  13. Marvel at your steaming, glistening feeding utensils 🙂

I would advocate for washing your bottles every day. If you CANT, because I know shit happens and we get tired. Rinse out the remaining milk out of the bottle and nipple and leave some water in the bottle and flip the nipple in there with some water on that… so the milk doesn’t dry up.

& No, it’s not going to grow mold because you’re going to wash it tomorrow when you get up 🙂 and are well rested. You’re doing great!

Let me know what you would change or how you do it in the comments or through a pm.

Add me on Facebook or IG, I’d love to hear your mom tips.

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