A selfie of myself at eight months pregnant.

My prenatal self-care

Just to tag along with my self-care post from last last week…I want to share some self care routines I had during pregnancy.

& Here’s a picture of me at 28 weeks I wanted to share because I miss my belly and my son is 7 months today.

Around this time my belly began itching like thorned caterpillars were crawling on it so I would rub it furiously (not scratch, that breaks your skin and that’s a big no no!). I also carried a cheap almond oil in my purse to rub on myself while I was at work… here are some other items and practices I switched to during pregnancy.

Dental hygiene

  • Oil pulls, lucky me at the beginning of my pregnancy my wisdom tooth began coming down. & thanks to unpredictable pregnancy hormones the gums neighboring that tooth were ON FIRE. This explains how to effectively do an oil pull. Do an oil pull with this coconut oil, after you’ve flossed and brush your chops for optimal gum health. & here’s an article my mother in law sent me on how to choose coconut oils, it thoroughly explains the different refinement processes– because who really knows what expeller presses means? Not I.
  • Electric toothbrush, just to get all those crevices and surfaces, after all you are at risk for preterm labor if you don’t take care of those pearly whites.

Mental health

  • Red tea or rooibos, switch out your coffee for one of these caffeine free but … MOOD REGULATING alternatives! I was gifted a few bags of zhi tea, my favorite was the cacao and cinnamon tinged ‘Sweet Desert Delight‘– I would make 2 tablespoons in the morning and just refill my cup with hot water throughout the day at work.
  • Taking walks
  • Talk therapy

Skin Care

  • Face: I used salicylic acid religiously to ward off my acne, but it’s recommended to cut down during pregnancy. I stopped completely and began using apple cider vinegar on my face and scalp, with a mild cleanser.
  • Occasionally I would use my Clarisonic with the cashmere brush head and in place of a cleanser I would apply coconut oil. Rinse with water and my skin felt rejuvenated ☺️. Coconut oil has anti microbial properties and is moisturizing, so it may work for any skin type.
  • Body: I had a huge bottle of macadamia oil that I got from a tea shop in Antigua. That I would only put on at night because it was so thick and I would use the little bit of Loccitane’s almond oil during the day because it smells heavenly and was lighter, sometimes combined with a lotion.

I prefer the oils because they’re a little lighter but you have to apply them fresh out of the shower for best result. If you over apply, you run the risk of getting it on your clothes… once you begin wearing maternity pants the oil is encased by the cover, so that’s an unexpected plus. Although, I used all sorts of lotions throughout my pregnancy because my skin was so incredibly dry, I was most consistent with the oils from as early on as 10 weeks, they kept me feeling hydrated.

I used a 32 oz Tervis water bottle during work and I used an insulated coffee mug to hold my tea. Water is important, if you don’t get enough of it you can start cramping and that may cause preterm labor. The other part of that is you’ll have to run / waddle to the restroom, so please find comfortable shoes.

I carried around stones in my bag or on me during the pregnancy. I would have at least one on me but usually did combinations that I thought would be helpful. Tigers eye, amethyst, citrine, white quartz, laboradorite, hematite, and jasper were some I would carry around.. not just for the pregnancy, they were an addition for my spirit. Support stones, to help me maintain or reach equilibrium creatively, emotionally, etc.

Also, I would recommend Pea in the Pod maternity pants because they have a good fit and won’t give you a diaper booty as you move about your day. Versus the Motherhood maternity pants that get loose around the hips, thighs and knees as the day progresses.

This post was mostly about physical care that I took during my pregnancy, I didn’t touch on what I did during that time to prepare myself mentally or emotionally. I was running ragged because of all my bathroom breaks during the night which prepared me for my postpartum duties. I held onto a terrible relationship and stressed myself out way more than my son and pregnancy deserved. I misunderstood completely what a family was supposed to be. I misread disingenuous acts of care and took for granted love and kindness.

Looking back I wish I would have treated myself better and done much more for myself and my baby. I wish I would have cherished the times and memories with my baby. I wish I would have read more books. I wish I would have listened to more music. I wish I talked to him more and cried less. I wish I would have had material things… because babies NEED THINGS. THEYRE EXPENSIVE. – all of that’s true, but there’s no way to change the past and I look forward to the journey in front of my son and me.

Comment, hit me up… how did you create comfort during your pregnancy?

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