Buddha sitting in his Graco jogger.

Graco Trax Jogger Click N Connect

We finally broke the jogging portion of the jogger in last Monday, with a 30-minute run at the park.

It went absolutely wonderful! Baby loves the outdoors, so this was a fun activity for us.

We had used the stroller before at markets and to take walks around the neighborhood and it’s always been enjoyable. We started putting him in there right after he turned 4 months after he had good head and neck control.

The stroller has an adjustable back that can make it recline from a 100° to probably 130° (all estimates) it’s not super dramatic because it’s made for you to be mobile with your little one.

There is a handy basket that fits your diaper bag and a blanket. It’s actually pretty deep, you could get always with a lunch bag for a small picnic.

There’s a cup holder for baby and two cup holders for the adult. Near the baby cup holder there is a button/lever that swings around giving you easier access to put baby in and taking him out. USE IT! I accidentally pinched my son getting him out when he was around 20lbs.

There are locks for the back wheels and a lock to keep the front wheel going straight. It does mention in the manual to always run with the front wheel lock on. Of course it’s impossible to jog like that, I just walk when I have to take the corners. And I only jog when I’m going straight. I would not recommend SPRINTING with the stroller as that seems dangerous and you run a high risk of the baby and you taking a tumble.

There’s a small button on the handle that you rotate to open and close the stroller. & it is possible to open and close it with one hand which is awesome and very useful, in case you have baby in your arms.

All in all, I would recommend this stroller if you need a medium priced jogging stroller 🙂

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