Happy Summer Solstice

Updated: June 22nd to add spiritual progress and clarifications.

Today was the first day of summer

The longest day of the year …

It’s the final season before Buddha (more on why I decided to call my son Buddha later) turns one. SAD FACE!!!!

The day we came home from the hospital was the fall equinox and now he’s been alive for as long as he was baking … a bit longer, my son is 39 weeks.

We’ve been trying a few new things since our visit with daddy. Buddha’s dad got me a daily devotion book that has biblical references and analysis for each day in 3 month chunks. I thought it’d be fun to join in on his spiritual journey and I’m really enjoying it, personally. I have never read the Bible… I’ve never owned a bible until I was gifted one this weekend 😯 kind of sounds funny to say since I feel like God was everywhere in our middle and high school curriculum. I digress.

I’ve been reading since Sunday but I didn’t decide to write down my thoughts until today. I like that I can get closer to God through reading his word and, more importantly, build my spiritual foundation. Since, I’ve never been baptized I don’t like saying too many God references because it seems fake BUT the God that I’ve gotten to know is forgiving, loving and wants me to share his glory. Amen. He’s been good to our little family and given me a lot of faith. So, I thank the universe for that.

Moving forward, I would like to keep this blog as secular as possible in order to be inclusive and I see the merit of all religions, I simply do not have knowledge of all their teachings.

Now, the Friday before Father’s Day I got an immersion blender at the recommendation of a trusted mom friend of mine. & I love it! Yesterday I made a banana pear and blueberry mix with almond butter and breast milk. Last night his auntie made him a purée of bananas mixed with yogurt after he was snacking on 2 strawberries. So we’re moving away from the packs of food to real food that we eat but baby-fied.

We went grocery shopping today & got 2 mangoes and a peach to mix with the almond butter for the next two days. Strawberries avocado tofu Anasazi beans quinoa and some leafy greens are also on the menu to try and mix around. I’m pretty excited, to say the least. He loves it. He’s eating it up. I’ve tried giving him very small pieces of chicken and he’s ehhh on it. So my plans to have him plant based until he’s a year is going well. He does have lactose every now and again because he consumes yogurt. I have been researching plant based diets since 2014, so please don’t come for me about im depriving him of his nutritional protein, iron etc. It is EASIER for us to absorb things such as iron from another animal, which is why I’ve tried to give him chicken but if the kid doesn’t like it I’m not going to force him. Besides it is possible to round out your diet with plant supplements and more creative diet ideas & he’s in my care taking so kick rocks guy.

Today is the FIRST real day that we worked out together. From stretching to full body workouts. It was fun, he had a lot of giggle fits, so that’s a great sign that we’ll be continuing that. Update: I am sore going from 0 pound weight to 25 pound weight in my ab workouts.

I also cooked a fun summer plate in celebration of the solstice… & that’s what you see in the photo. Rice pilaf, fajita chicken and sautéed kale and tomatoes.

Mmm 😋 I’ll update yall on our new physical health journey. In the meantime , do yall workout with your babies? If so how?

Do yall make your kids’ foods or do you buy them ? I can write a blog on the foods I use to feed him and his formula to supplement all this diet talk. Any other ideas?

I’d love to hear from yall



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