Organic cotton ergo original baby carrier with hood on over by son.

Baby Wearing

(Disclaimer: this isn’t an ad and I’ve only tried the following two baby wearing items).

I use the ergo baby original on a day to day basis when it’s a shorter trip/ not a lengthy walk involved or somewhere space restrictive/not handicap friendly (stroller is a huge wheeled apparatus). It’s made of organic cotton so it breathes (but you can definitely still get overheated, I’ve worn him with no pants (just a diaper and a shirt) in it before since you can’t even see his bottoms.

I personally love it! It’s easy to use. I wear it to the store usually but I’ve taken baby out for walks in it. I initially bought it to go to an Astros game which was AWESOME (til people started clapping and doing the wave and certain doom was foreseen in the form of sensory overload). There is a hood for shade and the baby can still turn and look around but you won’t be able to see them anymore.

It’s a very easy ‘installation’ with only two clips, one for your waist and one mid-back. I Clip the waist belt then I put him in the front of me flush with the top of the carrier, plop, holding him with left hand. I have to jiggle a bit to get him to relax his legs . Loop the arm holes in and clip it with my right hand and that’s it! You’re good to go.

Junior likes the thing, has never fussed and we for sure have worn it more than 20 times already. We got it mid-March and he’s about 25lbs and 29 inches and he’s good. I have not tried him forward facing. He has jumped a few times at the store but it’s more like when you put the spurs in a horse, HURRY UP MOM. The most interaction with the carrier is gnawing at the strap on either side.

Prenatal I wanted to baby wear junior because it seemed like the natural thing to do. I was hesitant.

So, when I got juniors Moby he was already about 3 months. Which would be ok but he was also really tall and my torso is really short so it was just an awkward fit. We tried it twice but it just didn’t seem comfortable for neither of us.

I think it could have been really beneficial for the first 3 months. I would highly recommend it and specifically this one because it’s super soft and feels solid. Obviously it gives and is just fabric but it feels very secure and there is plenty of fabric to make sure you’re baby is sitting correctly and has structure.

The only downside is it takes FOREVER to put on but maybe if I wore it another 10 times it would have worked out. Seriously the two times I did try wearing him, he got fussy before I could even tie the thing on.

I think for either carrier a free form or fitted one, it’s very important to look up videos on correct posture for baby (on the products website!!!)… and to be vigilant about how your newborn is sitting, especially. I would hate for someone to have their babies hanging the wrong way because they’re following someone on YouTube and BAM their kid has hip dysplasia.

I would recommend putting them in the first few times over your bed and then checking in a full length mirror the positioning of his head and legs. You want the nasal passages clear, their head should be Kissable. & you want their legs to be like M’s not an upside down U, I think that’s the best way I can explain it… do the research for yourself. I love it, personally, just wish I would have done it sooner.

What’s your experience with a carrier? How do you feel about baby wearing?

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