The Conscious Parent

I am reading The Conscious Parent by Shefali Tsabary at the recommendation of a friend of mine who recently had her son. Congratulations Kimari! She is an avid book reader and a great mind that I admire, so I took the suggestion to heart and began reading it (better late than never).

I’m going to do a micro-review of the first 50 pages. This book, so far, resonates with me and the style of parenting I wish to live up to. It emphasizes being present and mindful of your childrens individuality. To accomplish this Tsabary recommends self reflection and ridding ourself of ego.

I agree with her view of breaking down the hierarchy of typical parenting and replacing it with a horiZontal power structure where both the child and parent are contributing to the growth of one another. It was nice to read and hear a voice of someone that doesn’t advocate perfection or give an opinion on right or wrong. She speaks on understanding yourself wholly so that you can recognize your kids individuality and spirit. That’s nice. It’s nice just to see it written and hear it and roll it around in my head.

Getting exposure to this book is good for any parent. I believe in the balance and interdependence it hints towards and, ultimate, the expulsion of ego can be beneficial to all of us, not just parents. We all can benefit from creating space and allowing room for growth, it’s healthy advice for individuals. There are a lot of grains of wisdom that can be gleaned from this book.

I recommend this title.

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