The Countdown to the FIRST birthday

Yesterday was Buddha’s monthaversary & After 11 months … I’ve realized:

  • Baby blues are real – ruminating on the barren emotional landscape of my transition into postpartum & sympathizing with new moms and their struggle to maintain … it’s so hard to navigate with a seemingly unforgiving ANXIETY. I. Feel. You. & it fades, trust the process.
  • Motherhood is not easy. – remembering when I thought ‘hmm why doesn’t she do this and that’, judging moms when I had NO IDEA of how difficult raising a little one would be. I indulge in humble pie regularly.
  • I have to trust my mothering style and trust my partners parenting style… they might not match up exactly but there’s a reason the universe brought us together to have a kid. Don’t micromanage him.
  • Babies will teach you about biorhythms. You will learn, if not your own, the circadian rhythm of a whole separate tiny human- reminiscing on when junior use to eat every 2 hours, on the dot.
  • Breastfeeding is rewarding, a lot of time sweat and tears (+ raw nipples, bad latches, engorged bubbies, sleepless nights) BUT completely worth it! – looking back on CRYING at 2 weeks when my baby could FINALLY latch. DONT GIVE UP!!! Keep trying, stay focused on your resolve !!! Don’t be discouraged, if all else your baby can still be fed breast milk if you dedicate yourself to a pump and always offer the boob! I’m 11 months in ❤️❤️❤️
  • Pumping is hard. Pumping in a jewelery store and dodging cameras is… 🙄 an acquired skill. – looking back on all the preparation and equipment needed before I could hide and pump 😂
  • Confidence is 🔑 – excogitating on the fact that I’m STILL learning that I have to trust my motherly intuition! I know what’s best; JUST DO IT! To not second guess myself. Grandma daddy etc aren’t going to have the connection that I have with baby, after all, I did carry them around for 9 months. I have to have faith in our relationship.
  • Daycare’s difficult. – Thinking back on the terrible sitter and daycare I put him in. No one is ever ‘good enough’ and no one is going to take care of him how I take care of him.
  • There’s never enough time in the day – remembering the stress I use to feel & thankful I’ve begun the process to prioritize and be forgiving.

I CANT BELIEVE IT. Ill have a ONE year old in one month! 😩

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