Tips to Freelancing and Moming

This summer has been so good to me! I had a fairly busy summer full of different photography and creation work. I had three different photography projects. I had two parties that I’m helping with/ planning. (My dad’s party was yesterday and Buddha’s is in a week).

Of course, none of it would be possible if not for Budda’s and my support system, without them I would have Buddha on my hip at meetings and for photography sessions. Buddha’s daddy has been living with us and just bossing the heck out of house-/baby- work. Really, since he’s been back Buddha has been so joyful and I have learned so many multi-tasking tips and ideas. If I put them to use is a whole other matter.

When freelancing you work for your clients and yourself so your work directly reflects your quality of care and effort you put into your projects. When working for an employer you may or may not feel this pressure.

Here are some tips I try to employ:

1) Always make work you’re proud of.
– Never half-heartedly create. Create with a purpose. You can have something in mind, but the amount youre getting paid does not equal the amount of work to achieve it. It’s ok to shelf it & revisit it on your own time. Or it just turns into another idea that didn’t work. That’s ok 🙂 You’ll get the opportunity to take your time and on projects that you want further in your career. Or refer to #2.

2) Set mini-goals for yourself in your professional development.
– Some goals of mine as a photographer / graphic designer are centered around Adobe programs. I have a mile long list of youtube videos I should be watching to learn how to do xyz on Adobe. You can YouTube almost anything nowadays so you can learn how to do just about anything.

3) Make time for self-maintenance between projects.
– Whether that be personal (mentally, physically, spiritually) or professional (classes, workshops, etc.), make time for it because your work will never grow if you are not actively contributing to your self-care and well-being.

4)Make time for your family and support system.
– Don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re taking all these side jobs and time away from your family to provide for them. I have to remind myself to be present and enjoy my family. Some wisdom that my boyfriend imparted on me was that: the most important person is the person in front of you. I don’t believe that, but I like the reminder to be in the moment.

5) Prioritization
– The better you can prioritize, plan and execute your necessary tasks, the better off you are in the long-run. Always look at your plans in a short- and long- term scope.

& make visual timelines.

Those are my tips to freelancing and moming. Feel free to share some ideas with me. I’m all ears 👂🏽

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