Patience in a Time of Transition

When I first wrote this blog draft it was my dear friend Reem’s birthday. She was set to be induced early today for the birth of her 4th child, Sophia Grace.

This is the first girl for her and her husband, Ruben. We met March of this year when I first started working in Austin and I was getting an oil change in my car. Her and her family helped me move into my first apartment SINCE I’ve graduated college and had my son. She caught me in a transition. New city, new career and I caught her in a transition from 3 kids to 4 and from a body for two to a body for one.

She is a wise, caring, God-fearing/loving woman, wife and mother. She has kept me in mind and her family and her are helping Baby Buddha and I transition into another phase of life.

The purpose of this particular post is to direct my blog’s audience to the fact that Low Key Nurturer is going through exciting transitions. Digital renovations and rebranding, in order to accommodate and shift into a full, well-thought out business.

Portfolio link for Smart Cookie Photo is here. Digital marketing portfolio will be housed here. Blog posts will be here. & a place for my writing. I am expanding the impact and reach that Low Key Nurturer can potentially have on my life professionally and personally. It is such an exciting time to rebuild and gather myself and pour it into this website and brand.

As a new project that I am using as a way to connect audiences that like seeing cute babies and people interested in baby milestones, I have started my son an Instagram. The content will center around my son and his adventures through Toddlerhood, all of the layouts are created by me in Photoshop and all of the pictures are taken by me. It’s a fun project getting to be the ‘voice’ of a baby because there are many moments of freedom and enjoyment in working with the content. You know, to put yourself in the shoes of a toddler and see the world as new is challenging and fun.

Other movements that will bolster the presence of Low Key Nurturer as a brand and a business is to become a Certified B Corporations once we experience a profit and are able to hire outside team members and able to invest in social wellbeing (I expect to be able to apply for certification in the 5-10 year window). All in good time and all in its own pace. Let me know what you think of the blog, the layout, tips, advice… anything, you know how to reach me!

xx June

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