Rafael M San Juan Primavera Originally, this post was suppose to be an art review (don’t count me out just yet). A little about the piece, it was made by Rafael San Juan for the detrás de los muros exhibition in the Bienal de La Habana 2015 and was donated to be a […]

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Diana Hinek

  I encountered Diana Henik, birth doula and photographer, on Instagram (@artshapedphotography). I was drawn to her by looking through her feed, her photography is captivating and visceral. I couldn’t tell where her job ended and her life started. I enjoyed her images because they captured the joy of (carrying, creating and giving) life, she […]

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Tips to Multilingualism

Here are some tips to creating a multilingual house: playing music in the secondary or tertiary language, for Spanish I’ve been playing Maná or Julieta Venegas and looking up lyrics. Naming body parts in each language , bonus points for directional words (besides, on top, below etc.).. were not at cardinal directions yet, Counting and […]

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Los Cortadores de Caña (1943)

Los Cortadores de Caña (1943) is an oil painting created by Mario Carreño (1913-1999) depicting cane cutters in a field of sugarcane. The subjects, the cane cutters are in full motion and their bodies seem to meld with their environment – the tropical colors at the fringes of their skin are sometimes indistinguishable from their […]

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Remote Houston

Remote Houston an interactive and participatory performance piece hosted by the Alley Theatre has been extended until the 20th. The last I heard there were only showings left for next Tuesday (5/16) and Wednesday (5/17). Rimini Protokoll, a Berlin based artists’ collective who has been producing similar city-wide shows in Europe brought their act to the […]

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Tentative Trip Presentation

Hello, I wanted to have an interface where I could show people my experiences in New Zealand because it was such a beautiful country full of cultural treasures from the indigenous Maori and the guests from nearby countries. Since this is a retrospective piece, I would like to describe these geographical spaces within their historical […]

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