Graco Trax Jogger Click N Connect

We finally broke the jogging portion of the jogger in last Monday, with a 30-minute run at the park. It went absolutely wonderful! Baby loves the outdoors, so this was a fun activity for us. We had used the stroller before at markets and to take walks around the neighborhood and it’s always been enjoyable. […]

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My prenatal self-care

Just to tag along with my self-care post from last last week…I want to share some self care routines I had during pregnancy. & Here’s a picture of me at 28 weeks I wanted to share because I miss my belly and my son is 7 months today. Around this time my belly began itching […]

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My Delivery Story

Context: Hurricane Harvey occurred 3 weeks before and we can talk about that later. I last saw my OB/GYN the Wednesday before for my, then, weekly checkups and she told me I was a centimeter dilated, she said this was normal because of the weight of the baby pushing on my cervix. She set my […]

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When this blog was started in 2013, I had the intentions of keeping my friends and family in the loop of my study abroad adventures. Now, almost 5 years later, this often neglected domain is being revisited and repurposed into a blog that will voice my perspective as a new parent, former cultural commentator, and […]

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Veronica Longoria

  I had the pleasure of meeting Veronica Longoria at the monthly Open Studios JoMar Visions hold (every third Saturday of the month) while she was painting a portrait on a woven canvas. I picked up a card from Longoria that had a small portion of, “Different Shades of Me” (2012), it sat on my […]

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Houston Art Events Counter Current Festival April 18 – April 23 Schedule World Fest Fri – Sun, April 21 – April 30 Schedule Artist Village at the Willow Waterhole Music Fest Sat- Sun April 22-23, 11AM-6PM Willow Waterhole Greenway 5300 Dryad Dr, 77035 Free Facets of A Mirror Sunday, April 23, 3PM-7PM JoMar Visions 5247-5249 […]

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Los Cortadores de Caña (1943)

Los Cortadores de Caña (1943) is an oil painting created by Mario Carreño (1913-1999) depicting cane cutters in a field of sugarcane. The subjects, the cane cutters are in full motion and their bodies seem to meld with their environment – the tropical colors at the fringes of their skin are sometimes indistinguishable from their […]

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