I have been a freelance photographer focusing on events and portraiture for the past three years. I am now looking to establish myself in the Austin market. This article on self-care reflects my writing style and disposition the most. This interview with an artist based out of Houston showcases my interests and a more formal written tone.

Below I have created a portfolio with an objective to show my versatility as a photographer. As you scroll through the portfolio you are progressing through different life stages of a woman. There are landscapes interspersed to indicate moments of transition and macro shots to reflect the mood of the images beforehand. I conclude with pictures of budding flowers to allude to the beauty  of gestation.

Thank you for your consideration and, please, feel free to reach out to me for follow up.

Newborn Session June & July 2018

Portrait Session Outdoors Apr. 2017, Event Photography June 2016

Studio Portrait Sessions Mar. 2017

Landscapes 2015; Monterrico, Guatemala. Lago Atitlan, Guatemala.

Event Photography Mar. 2017, Portrait Session Apr. 2017

Event Photography; Sept. 2018, Dec. 2017

Event Photography; Apr. 2017, Aug. 2018

Cityscapes 2015; Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. Antigua, Guatemala.

Engagement Session June 2018

Event Photography June 2016

Event photography May 2017

Event Photography Aug. 2018

Event photography Aug. 2018

Landscapes 2015; Tikal, Guatemala. Monterrico, Guatemala

Maternity Session Aug. 2018

Garden Photography 2015, 2016

IG : @Smartcookiephoto

Facebook: /smartcookiephoto

Flickr 2018

Flickr 2017

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